Special attack
While Kubi is still defenseless in the 4-bit generation, he can carry out a special attack starting from the 8-bit levels that knocks out any monsters in the vicinity.
This does not only rescue Kubi from hopeless situations, but also earns him a load of extra points.

The number of special attacks is limited!



Many delicious fruits are hidden in every level, and appear one after another at various points in time. Each piece of fruit Kubi eats will boost both his vitamin level and his score.



Each level is populated by evil monsters who are holding your poor Bit Boy friends captive.

Luckily, these monsters are not really bright, and this is why they never really know exactly where to find you. Watch out however, because you will lose a life when one bumps into you!



Lives and Continue
When you lose a life, you can immediately proceed to the point at which you confronted the monster, while all the other monsters will return to their positions. The friends you have already saved will still be safe.

If you lose all your lives, select "Continue" to replay the level.



Once you have saved all Bit Boy friends, you will still be trapped in the current level for 5 more seconds.
Use the time to collect more fruit, but keep well clear of the monsters!