We are writing in the 128-bit era, and Bit Boy Kubi is living a tranquil life with his friends when one day a time machine materializes right in front of him in a flash of lightning.
The door opens in a cloud of smoke and an incredible, horrible, bizarre, ugly and still very pixellated monster emerges from it.

The monster booms: "Aha, so this is the future, is it!?" Kubi, in his rather naive manner, is unfazed by these curious events and immediately introduces himself in a very friendly way:

"Hello, I'm Kubi, a Bit Boy; and who are you?" and he receives a very plausible answer, considering the monster's appearance:
"I am a very evil monster from the 4-bit era". "Wow, an old-timer, so you're really retro!" replies Kubi, beaming with delight.

The monster, who is not at all happy about this display of cheerfulness instead  of the fear he had expected, goes ballistic: "Retro? Are you calling ME retro? Who do you think you are, calling me retro?!?!?!?"

"But retro is really cool now," replies the baffled Kubi, who has no idea what all the fuss is about, and doesn't find the furious heap of pixels in the least nasty.

Kubi's lack of interest at the monster's badness has hit a stupidly raw nerve, and the inevitable happens: in a fit of rage, the monster and his army of henchmen jump on the other defenseless Bit Boys nearby and carry them off into his time machine.

As the monster slams the door of the time machine shut with a clich├ęd, mad laugh, Kubi just manages to jump onto the machine and disappears with them into the swirls of time.

Will Kubi be able to rescue all his friends from the past and return to the present?

We really hope so, or there will be no sequel...