Play Bit Boy!! in four different game modes! Save your friends in CLASSIC MODE or collect as many Time Diamonds as possible in endless WARP MODE!

Super-fast action awaits you in bonus TURBO CLASSIC MODE


This is the standard game mode.
Save all your pixel friends in each level and wipe out evil monsters. Collect delicious fruit to earn bonus points and find the perfect tactics to achieve a high score in each Bit Generation.


After completing a Bit Generation in CLASSIC MODE, the score attack-based, endless "WARP MODE" is unlocked for that particular era. You cannot get rid of any monsters here and, if one touches you, you will be instantly warped into the next level. Collect as many Time Diamonds as you can in each level and reach the ultimate high score!


After completing the last level of the 128-Bit Generation
("Bit Boy Wii") in CLASSIC MODE you enter this mode. Play ALL LEVELS of ALL GENERATIONS at once in super turbo fashion with a huge amount of attacks and unlimited lives!



You enter this mode after completing the 128-Bit Generation in Warp Mode. Collect Time Diamonds in EVERY SINGLE LEVEL of the game at once with ultra speed as long as you want.