You accompany Bit Boy Kubi through his many adventures in the various bit generations as you travel through the levels you explore in an effort to save all of Kubi's Bit Boy friends.



Game objective

Save all your Bit friends in each level and wipe out evil monsters.

Collect delicious fruits to earn bonus points and try to achieve a high score in each bit generation.


Bit era
Kubi's adventure takes place in the various generations in video game history.
Kubi will travel through the 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit eras until he finally returns to the 128-bit era.


The eras are presented as fictional installments of the Bit Boy!! series: Bit Boy, Bit Boy 2, Super Bit Boy, Bit Boy 3D, Bit Boy 64 and Bit Boy Wii.

When you have rescued all of your friends from a particular era, you can then access the next generation in the time travel via the main menu.


High scores

The main game objective is to play for a high score in each bit generation.

The very best scores for each generation are displayed on the title screen, so show you are a true hardcore gamer and fight your way to the top!