Get Bit Boy!! ARCADE for Nintendo 3DS on Nintendo eShop for EUR/USD/CAD 7.99

  Kubi is back, and this time he meets his creator: the Game Designer!!
The fun story tells of Kubi, his friends, the evil black Shadow Plattchen, the mighty gearwheel ZeLeLi and something about game development too.
Play as fast as you want by pressing the +Control Pad and the buttons together as fast as you can!
  Play faster for a higher score
  Jump, Bomb, and Rocket Blocks
  Graphical Evolution in every world
  50 Parchment Achievements
  Over 200 different Phases
  Rescue 1,484 Pixel Friends
  Revive over 4,200 PixelFlies
  Use Play Coins for Continues
  AutoSave after every Phase
  QuickStart without loading times
  Epic Boss Fights
  Over 1 hour of voice acting
  Over 1 hour of music
  Optional EASY MODE
  QUICK RUN for short sessions
  Share High Scores in Miiverse
Bit Boy!! ARCADE
is available on Nintendo eShop.

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